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No. 11 Special German P.O.W. Camp
Island Farm Camp, Bridgend

(Post 54)

After the war, high-profile German officers were transferred to No. 11 Special German P.O.W. Camp at Island Farm Camp in Bridgend South Wales. Prisoners were detained at the camp while their war-time activities were being investigated or while awaiting trial. Some were to be witnesses at trials or were awaiting extradition.
There were 160 officers holding the rank of general, admiral, or field marshal, including a number of Hitler's closest advisers:
  • Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, commander in chief of the German armies in the campaign against France in 1940 (because of his status, von Rundstedt received certain privileges at the camp, including his own private suite, consisting of a sitting room and bedroom)
  • Field Marshal Erich von Manstein who established the operation plans for Hitler’s successful campaign in the west and commanded the Eleventh Army, which conquered the Crimea and Sevastopol on the eastern front
  • Field Marshal Waleter von Brauchitsh who was named commander in chief of the German army by Hitler in 1938 and who was instrumental in the planning and execution of attacks on Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and the Soviet Union
Island Farm Camp closed in 1948, when the last prisoners were returned to Germany.

[Link: Island Farm Prisoner of War Camp provides a detailed history of the Island Farm Camp.]

The W.H. Smith & Son London wrappers below were addressed to the Commandant of No. 11 Special German P.O.W. Camp:

Undated to "11 Special German P.O.W. Camp"

4 1/2d wrapper, London April 6, 1948

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