Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WWII : Masonic Covers

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Two masonic covers mailed during World War II are the subject of this post.

1. Mourning Cover

The cover below was mailed on September 18, 1942 from the United Grand Lodge of England, London to the Grand Secretary of the Masonic Temple in Boston. The black border is characteristic of mourning covers, either announcing a death or offering condolences.

The stamp has the perforated initials U G / L for United Grand Lodge :

U G /L

2. The Masonic Service Association of U.S.A.

The Masonic Services Center opened in London, October 11, 1943. The center was a "home away from home" to build morale and perform special services for Masons and their families.

The cover below was mailed on March 7, 1945  from The Masonic Service Association of U.S.A. to the Grand Secretary of the Concord, New Hampshire Masonic lodge.

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