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Stamped To Order Stationery
King George VI Period

(Post 38)

From 1855 to 1973, the Post Office permitted businesses and individuals to submit stationery, including printed sheets, for impressing with an imprinted stamp. This article shows examples of stamped to order items produced during the George VI period.

1. Embossed Stamps


Wilts. United Dairies Ltd., Finchley, London, Stationery
East Finchley, August 11, 1939

London to Norwich, November 1939
1/2d. printed papers rate
W & G Foyle Ltd. stationery

Norwich receiver November 17, 1939

The Carborundrum Company, Ltd., Manchester
September 16, 1941

Glyn Mills & Co. stationery and G M perfin on the 1/2 d. stamp
London to Alnwick, January 11, 1941


Metropolitan Water Board, London
February 26, 1941

North Thames Gas Board, London
February 16, 1951

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, London
January 26, 1951

Thomas De La Rue & Co. Limited, London
August 19, 1942

The Educational Supply Assoc., London

1 1/2d.

South Eastern Gas Board stationery, Guildford
February 23, 1953


The Tea Planters And Importers Company, London
December 7, 1957

North Thames Gas Board, Hounsley
May 1, 1953

Colgate-Palmolive Limited, September 3, 1959

2 1/2d.

London to Montreal, December 12, 1941
B.B. Vos & Son Ltd., 2 1/2d. stationery

Buck & Hickman, Ltd., Manchester
October 25, 1940

Buck & Hickman, Ltd., London
March 22, 1942

The Mining Engineering Co. Ltd., Worcester
March 13, 1951

Glyn, Mills & Co., London
March 21, 1941

House of Lords, London
January 23, 1948


Country Life
London to Columbus, 1952
Reduced printed papers rate
3d. paying the 10 ounce rate

Letterpress Stationery

Designs of the low value definitives were created in case of emergency. All low value GB stamps of George VI were printed in gravure by Harrison & Sons. The Post Office was concerned that they were the only suppliers of gravure stamps. Designs were therefore created for letterpress stamps in case of emergency. They were never issued, but the design was used for postal stationery.


London to Nairobi, Kenya, June 1947
1d. paying the 4 ounce printed papers rate
Redirected from Nairobi to Konza Station

Nairobi, June 26, 1947

 National Blood Transfusion Service mailing, Oxford, August 12, 1951
Attached reply card was detached

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