Wednesday, January 19, 2011

George VI
2s. 6d. Yellow-Green Issue
Censored First Day Cover

(Post 27)

The letter below, franked with the 2s. 6d. yellow-green stamp, was mailed from London to New York City. At first glance the cover seems unremarkable but it is really quite special.

The cover was examined by a censor who only found a plain piece of cardboard inside the envelope. In order to avoid charges of pilfering, memorandum P.C. 12 was enclosed in the envelope advising the addressee of the lack of contents. Additional instructions were provided such as contacting the sender to determine if the article had been enclosed.

P.C. 12

Why would anyone mail a piece of cardboard by air mail at 2s. 6d. ? The date of mailing provides the answer. March 9, 1942, was the first day of issue of the 2s. 6d. yellow-green stamp.

March 9, 1942 First day of issue

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