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King George VI Definitives
7d - 1s. Denominations

(Post 29)

The 7d. to 1s. stamps, designed entirely by Edmund Dulac, feature the king's profile within a hexagon.

Part A. Single Franking

In this section, examples of single frankings are shown.


Issued February 27, 1939

Air Mail Post Card Rate to the United States

Bricklewood to Staten Island, September 1, 1939
7d. Transatlantic air mail post card rate

Registered "All-up" letter to Europe

Willesden to Geneva, July 11, 1949
3d. "All-Up" letter rate
7d. paying the 3d. letter rate + 4d. registration fee


Issued February 27, 1939

Airmail Letter to Sweden

Aldershot to Stockholm, Sweden, May 15, 1943
8d. air mail rate

Air Mail Post Card to Canada (Zone B)

Wembley to Stratford, June 3, 1953
8 d. Zone B air mail post card rate


Issued May 1, 1939

Air Mail letter to Trinidad : Sea to New York then Air

South Kensington to Pointe-a-Pierre, January 15, 1940
9d. surface then air rate
Port of Spain transit January 25, 1940

Air Mail letter to Mexico : Sea to New York then Air

London to Mexico City, July 21, 1941
9d. air mail letter rate : surface to New York then air to Mexico
Mexico City receiver August 18, 1941

Express "All-up" letter to Sweden

Bovington to Malmo, July 4, 1949
9d. paying the 3d. "All-Up" letter rate + 6d. Express delivery fee

Inland Registered Double Weight Letter

London local letter, October 3, 1952
9d. paying 3d. postage rate (2-4 oz.) + 6 d. registration fee


Issued May 1, 1939

Military Air Mail

Egypt to Andover, September 8, 1944
10d. air mail rate for each 10 g.
Egypt Postage Prepaid cancellation # 14


Issued December 29, 1947

Express Air Mail Letter to Belgium

London Chief Office to Brussels, December 29, 1947
5d. air mail rate + 6d. express delivery fee


Issued May 1, 1939

London to Kenya, June 18, 1947
1s. air mail letter rate

London to Kumba, April 28, 1948
1s. air mail letter rate

Part B. Multiple Franking

In this section, rates greater than 1s. and up to 2s. are shown. Since the post office did not issue stamps with denominations between 1s. and 2s. 6d., rates falling within this range required multiple franking. The purpose of this section is to show examples of how the 7d. to 1s. stamps were used to pay rates greater than 1s. No attempt has been made to provide a comprehensive list of rates.

1s. 3d.

The following is a sample of destinations to which the 1s. 3d. air mail letter rate was applicable.

Braintree to Belgaum, December 12, 1939
1/3d. air mail rate

London to Gadstville (Jadotville), Katanga, December 11, 1939
1/3d. air mail rate

Birmingham to Bogota, May 24, 1945
1/3d. rate for sea to New York then air
Bogota receiver June 21, 1945

London to Melbourne, Naovember 24, 1947
1s. 3d. Zone C air mail letter rate

Birmingham to Wellington, January 27, 1952
1s. 3d. Zone C air mail letter rate

London to Rio de Janeiro, October 19, 1953
1/3d. Zone B air mail letter rate

1s. 4d.

West Kensington to Bogota, March 22, 1941
1/4d. post card rate for air mail throughout

1s. 6d.

Jock's Lodge, Edinburgh to Chicago, July 2, 1940
per Yankee Clipper
1/3d. air mail rate + 3d. registration fee

Hampstead to Buenos Aires, November 28, 1946
1s. 6d. air mail letter rate for air throughout

Torquay to Chicago, February 11, 1948
1s. 6d. paying the 1s. air mail rate + 6d. Express Delivery fee

1s. 7d.

Waltham Corners to Rio de Janeiro, April 18, 1944
1/7d. post card rate air throughout

1s. 8d.

London to Nassau, February 12, 1943
1/8d. rate for air mail service throughout
Nassau receiver March 1, 1943

1s. 9d.

London to New York City, August 22, 1939
1s. 9d. paying 1s. 3d. air mail letter rate + 6d. express fee

Birmingham to Kingston, May 19, 1941
1/9d. rate for air service throughout

Liverpool to Canadian Government Annuities , September 5, 1953
1/9d. paying 1/3d. air mail postage + 6d. registration fee


Ipswich to Guatemala
Received January 25, 1941
2/- rate for air throughout

Ruislip to Mexico City, March 2, 1943
2/- rate for air service throughout
Mexico City receiver March 31, 1943

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