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George VI International
Post-War "All-Up" Service

(POST 8)

"All-Up" service to most European countries was re-introduced on July 1, 1948. Mail was sent by the quickest route, air or surface.

PART I : To October 4 1950


Guildford to Shruns, September 1, 1950
3d. "All-Up" letter rate


London to Sofia, July 29, 1948
(Early "All-Up" cover)


Brighton to Charlottenlund, January 20, 1949

Walham Green to Copenhagen, July 11, 1949
3d. "All-Up" letter rate + 6d. Express delivery fee


Slough to Etretat, August 23, 1948
Shortpaid 1/2d. and British charge 8 gold centimes due
French tax 6 francs
Dues cancelled August 25, 1948

Dues Analysis:


All-up service was introduced on June 1, 1949.

London to Nurnberg, August 8, 1949
3d. "All-Up" letter rate

Camberwell to Muhlhaussen (Russian Zone), July 27, 1949
3d. "All-Up" letter rate + 4d. registration fee
(Shortpaid 1/2d.)

Leeds to Munster, May 18, 1950
7d. paying 3d. letter rate + 4d. registration fee


Bangor to Naples, February 19, 1950
3d. "All-Up" rate
Shortpaid 1/2d.
Italian tax 14 Lire


Essex to Amsterdam, August 25, 1948
Shortpaid 1/2d.
Dutch taxation 7 cents

Dues Analysis


Poplar to Norway, March 7 1950
3d. "All-Up" letter rate
Shortpaid 1/2 d.
Norwegian tax 14 ore

S.S. Suecia envelope
The Suecia was a Swedish LLoyd ship that provided service from London to Gotheberg, Sweden.


All-up service to Poland was not introduced until January 10, 1953.

Stockton-on-Tees to Warsaw, March 28, 1949
The air mail letter rate was 4 1/2d. for the first ounce

Shortpaid 1 1/2d.
British charge : 21 gold centimes (3d. (double deficiency) x 7 gold centimes/1d.)
Polish Tax : 32 zlotys


Epping to Gothenburg, May 3, 1949
7d. paying 3d. "All-Up" letter rate + 4d. registration fee

Bovington to Malmo, July 4, 1949
9d. paying the 3d. "All-Up" letter rate + 6d. Express delivery fee

London to Borlange, July 31, 1950
Registered 2 ounce letter from the Latvian Legation London
9d. paying 5d. postage rate (3d. first ounce + 2d. next ounce) + registration fee


Willesden to Geneva, July 11, 1949
3d. "All-Up" letter rate
7d. paying the 3d. letter rate + 4d. registration fee

Cambridge to Zurich, January 10, 1949
3d. "All-Up" letter rate
Shortpaid 1/2d.
British tax : 7 gold centimes
Swiss charge : 15 Swiss centimes

Dues Analysis

London to Berne, February 16, 1949
From The Railway Executive, Eastern & Northeastern Regions
Perfin : L N / E

6d. paying 3d. postage rate + 3d. registration fee (to April 30, 1949)

PART II: From October 5, 1950

The "All-Up" rates to Europe increased on October 5, 1950:

Letter Rate : 4d. for the first ounce
Post Card Rate: 2 1/2d.


Bedford to Solden, August 29, 1951
4d. "All-Up" letter rate
20 groshen Postlagernd fee (Poste Restante)

Bromley to Vienna, October 4, 1950
Shortpaid 1d.
Austrian due: 85 groshen


Glasgow to St. Nicolas-Waes, December 26, 1952
10d. paying 4d. letter rate + 6d. express delivery fee

Dover to Ostende, November 8, 1952
2 1/2d. "All-Up" post card rate


Lincoln to Pardubice, February 25, 1951
4d. "All-Up" letter rate
Currency control tape and handstamp Marh 30, 1951
Not admitted by Czechoslovakian currency control office

To be sent back, not complying to our exchange rules

Not admitted label


Coventry to Odense, December 17, 1950
4d "All-Up" letter rate

Dewsbury to Aarhus, December 15, 1950
Shortpaid 2d.

Danish tax 50 ore

50 ore machine due
December 19, 1950

Glasgow to Odense, June 30, 1951
Shortpaid 1d.
British Tax : 10 gold centimes
Danish charge : 25 ore

Instructional handstamp on back of envelope

Glasgow Taxe

25 ore due

Machine due, July 3, 1951

London to Kalundorg, MArch 26, 1952
4d. "All-Up" letter rate
Shortpaid 1d.
British Tax : 10 gold centimes
Danish charge : 25 ore

Dues Analysis


Woolacombe to Marseilles, December 1950
4d. "All-Up" letter rate
Shortpaid 2d. and taxed 25 francs

London to Paris, February 2, 1951
Shortpaid 1d.
British tax : 10 gold centimes
French due : 12 francs

Chester to British Embassy, Paris, November 7, 1951
4d. "All-Up" letter rate
Shortpaid, refused and returned

Sender charged 3d.


A re-used envelope
Reading to Traunstein, February 1, 1951
4d. U.P.U. surface letter rate


Taunton to Amsterdam, March 13, 1952
4d. "All-Up" letter rate
Shortpaid 1 1/2d.
British tax: 15 gold centimes
Netherlands due: 15 cents

London to Amsterdam, December 6, 1950
6 1/2d. two ounce letter rate (4d. first ounce + 2 1/2d. next ounce)

Martins Bank Limited perfin (MB)

Paddington to Haarlem, November 8, 1952
2 1/2d.  "All-Up" post card rate
Haarlem Transorma ident "CH"


Paddington to Stockholm, September 1, 1952

Dundee to Uppsala, April 10 1952
Shortpaid 1 1/2d.

Dues Analysis

Eastbourne to Stockholm, July 29, 1952
2 1/2d. "All-Up" post card rate


Wallasey to Verbier, July 2, 1953
4d. "All-Up" letter rate

Hampstead to Berne, July 14, 1951
2 1/2d. "All-Up" post card rate


Dunball to Belgrade, December 21, 1950
8d. paying 4d. letter rate + 4d. registration fee

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