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George VI International Mail
Pre-War Rates and Fees

(POST 9)

1. Letters

The prepaid rate of postage for letters to Canada was 1 1/2d. for the first ounce and 1d. for each additional ounce.

London to Carleton Place, December 17, 1937
1 1/2d. surface letter rate

Imperial News Can. Ltd. (Canada) perfin


2. Postcards

The prepaid rate to Canada was 1d.

Flint to Listowel, July 29, 1939
1d. surface post card rate

3. Registration

The registration fee was 3d. to be prepaid in addition to the postage.

London to Halifax, June 1, 1938
4 1/2d. paying the 1 1/2d. letter rate + 3 d. registration fee

London to S. John, New Brunswick, December 15, 1937
4 1/2d. paying the 1 1/2d. letter rate + 3 d. registration fee

Oldburry, Birmingham to Toronto, March 3, 1938
4 1/2d. paying the 1 1/2d. letter rate + 3 d. registration fee

4. Express Delivery

Express delivery service to Canada was not available.

5. Letter Mails By Air

Air mail service was available to Canada on payment of special postage rates.

a) By Sea then by Air

Prior to April, 1939 the letter rate for service by sea then air from New York was 5 1/2d. From April 15, 1939, the fee was 5d. by sea to the U.S. or Canada and then by air.

Edinburgh to Haney, November 7, 1938
By sea to New York then by air
The rate for this service has been reported to have been 5 1/2d. for each 1/2 ounce. If so this letter was shortpaid 1/2d.

London to Toronto, June 16, 1939
5d. sea then air rate

b) By Sea to Rimouski then by air to Montreal (Seasonal service)

From 1935 to 1938, a sea-air service from Glasgow or Southampton by CPR steamer was provided at a rate of 2d. per 1/2 ounce. Mail from the steamer was removed at Rimouski and flown to Montreal.

1938 Sailings (April 9- November 3, 1938)

Huntington to Belleville, April 7, 1938
2d. CPR Sea-Air rate

Per SS Duchess of Bedford
Sailing from Glasgow
April 9, 1938

Plymouth to "Ontario", August 17, 1938
2d. CPR Sea-Air rate

Sent to Toronto and redirected to Hamilton, August 29, 1938

c) North Atlantic Service

The first transatlantic airmail service was provided by Pan-American airways on June 30, 1939. Imperial Airways began its transatlantic service on August 5, 1939. The air mail rate to Canada was 1/3d. for each 1/2 ounce.

London to Sarnia, July 11, 1939
Pan-American transatlantic service
1/3d. per 1/2 ounce rate

Montreal receiver, July 14, 1939

Selkirk to Waterloo, August 10, 1939
1/3d. North Atlantic Air Service letter rate
Montreal transit, August 12, 1939

6. Printed Papers

The prepaid rate was 1/2d. for every 2 ounces.

Birmingham to Toronto, September 27, 1937
1/2d. printed papers rate

Shell Advertising

London to Kingston, August 21, 1937
1/2d. printed papers rate

The caption reads:
Glimpse of crowd seeking place to view coronation procession

Despatch by Night Mails

Any printed paper prepaid 1/2d. only and intended for despatch on the day of posting was to be posted not later than 4:30 p.m. in London, or not later as announced at local post offices in the provinces. Printed paper intended for despatch by night mails was 1d. if posted after the specified time.

Carlisle to Westmount, December 20, 1937
8:00 p.m. machine cancellation
1d. paying the night mails fee

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