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George VI International Mail
United States
Pre-War Rates and Fees

(POST 12)

1. Letters

The prepaid rate of postage for letters to the United States was 1 1/2d. for the first ounce and 1d. for each additional ounce (Imperial Rate).

London to Long Beach, July 30, 1937
Newspaper Branch cancellation
1 1/2d. surface letter rate to the United States

London to Boston, February 4, 1938

London to Danville, Illinois, September 22, 1938
Barclay's Bank (BBK) perfin

London to Phoenixville, Pa. July 4, 1939
Via Steam Packet " Normandie"
BD/ & Co perfin

London to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, Janauary 26, 1939
Ginnard Morton & Goddard (G M / G) perfin

Department of Agriculture
February 6, 1939

Embassy of the United States London to Charlottem December 27, 1937
Per S.S. Washington
2 1/2d. paying the 2 ounce rate : 1 1/2d. for the first ounce and 1d. for the second ounce

2. Postcards

The prepaid rate to the United States was 1d.

Swansea to Milwaukee, June 10, 1938
1d. surface post card rate

3. Registration

The registration fee was 3d. to be prepaid in addition to the postage.

Glasgow to Philadelphia, October 7, 1937
4 1/2d. paying the 1 1/2d. letter rate + 3 d. registration fee

London to Detroit, September 13, 19386
6 1/2d. paying the 3 1/2d. postage rate (3 ounce letter) + 3d. registration fee
New York transit September 21, 1938

10 cents customs clearance fee paid
Passed Free Detroit, Mich. Insp. No. 7 U.S. Customs

Bliss Gate to Worcester, Mass., June 9, 1939
4 1/2d. paying the 1 1/2d. letter rate + 3 d. registration fee

Advice of Delivery

The sender of a registered postal packet could obtain an advice of its delivery on application at the office of posting, either at the time of posting, or subsequently. A fee of 3d. was to be paid by stamps affixed by the the sender to a form provided for that purpose.

Registered letter mailed from Sutton Coldfield to Chicago, October 18, 1938
3d. Advice of Delivery fee prepaid with stamp affixed to Advice of Delivery card.

The letter was delivered on October, 29, 1938

4. Express Delivery

The express delivery fee to the U.S. was 6d.

London to New York City, August 22, 1939
1/3d. Transatlantic Air Mail rate (see below) + 6 d. express fee

5. Letter Mails By Air

Air mail service was available to Canada on payment of special postage rates.

a) By Sea then by Air

The letter rate to the United States by sea then by air was 5d. for each one-half ounce. The post card rate was 3 d.

Staple Hill to Boston, June 28, 1939
5 d. rate by sea then by air

Gloucester to Hollister, Calif., July 9, 1937
5d. sea then air rate
Shortpaid 1d. and taxed 20 centimes

U.S. dues affixed to back of envelope

To Hawaii

The letter rate to Hawaii by sea to New York then by air was 1/3d. for each one-half ounce.

Woking to Honolulu, January 10, 1938
1/3d. sea then air rate
Shortpaid 10d. and taxed 200 centimes
40 cents US postage due

London to Chesterton, Wisconsin, August 22, 1938
3d. Sea then Air post card rate

b) Transatlantic Service

The first transatlantic airmail service was provided by Pan-American airways on June 30, 1939. The air mail rate to the United States was 1/3d. for each 1/2 ounce. The air mail post card rate was 7d.

London to Schenectady, August 31, 1939
1/3d. per 1/2 ounce rate

Late Fee Letter : Travelling Post Office

A fee of 1/2d. was charged for despatch of a letter by the night mails or on mail trains where sorting carriages were attached.

To Hartford, May 31, 1938
Posted in "Up Special G" mail train
1/2d. late fee + 1/3d. North Atlantic Air Service letter rate

Up Special G T.P.O.
May 31, 1939

Bricklewood to Staten Island, September 1, 1939
7d. Transatlantic air mail post card rate

6. Printed Papers

The prepaid rate was 1/2d. for every 2 ounces.

London to North Tonawanda, January 31, 1939
1/2d. printed papers rate
S & S/ LTD perfin

October 9, 1937 edition of The Isle of Man Weekly Times
To Augusta, Wisconsin, October 20, 1937
1 1/2 d. paying the 6 ounce printed papers rate

1939 Anglo-American Yearbook
London to Detroit
W.C. undated triangle machine cancellation
1/2d. printed papers rate

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