Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cash on Delivery Packet
Posted in 1949

(Post 50)

Post Office COD adhesive label

Cash on Delivery (COD) service was available for amounts to be collected up to £40. The amount to be collected (the trade charge) specified by the sender for collection on delivery of a registered packet was collected by the Post Office and remitted to the sender by means of a special order.

The packet required the name of the addressee, name of the sender, and the trade charge. The Post Office provided adhesive labels for this purpose.

Fees varied with the trade charge. The minimum fee was 4d. for 10s. trade charge.

London local C.O.D. packet, August 23, 1949
 Trade Charge : 4s. 7 d. (fraction part of 1d. were not allowed)

Trade Charge Fee : 4d. (Payment not on the packet)
Postage.................2 1/2d.
Registration............4 d.

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